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Mood & Gut-friendly refresher
Light & Balanced flavor
Uplifting Ingredients with Intention 
Seasonally local & Organic fruits
Live Probiotics

non-alcoholic (-.5% ABV)


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Is Flying Eagle Kombucha Vegan and Gluten Free?

FEK is made with gluten free ingredients, & vegan ingredients except for with our seasonal Honey Chai made with honey (a non-vegan product).

Is FEK caffeinated?

We do offer one "caffeinated" kombucha: our Focus & Energize, which has 90 mg caffeine, derived from clean, organic green tea extract.


Most of our offerings are light caffeine. Due to fermentation, Kombucha has less caffeine than a regular cup of tea (1 to 1 ratio). Our completely decaf kombucha is: our Purify & Cleanse.

Is FEK really vinegary like other kombuchas?

No! FEK is Brewed with Balance and the Highest Intentions” & is designed to be a lighter & more refreshing Kombucha than most.

Does FEK add sugar?

Kombucha is traditionally brewed with raw cane sugar, filtered water, and tea. We use organic raw cane sugar because it’s vital to the first fermentation cycle. In “second fermentation”, FEK does not add more cane sugar, when most kombucha breweries do.


Sugar is used in first fermentation to create probiotics AND the most effective detoxifying acid in kombucha!


For more info, see our blog: "Sugar's Role in Kombucha & the Detox Magic it creates"

Is this “hard” kombucha??

No, FEK is considered a non-alcoholic beverage with trace amounts of alcohol. Like an NA beer, or pickled veggie, kombucha has under .5% alcohol. But if you're avoiding alcohol for any health or sobriety reasons, then we would recommend talking to a doctor first.

Does FEK need to be refrigerated?

Yes! FEK has live probiotics & is made with real fruit. Refrigerate as soon as possible.

What is the recommended serving size for FEK?

FEK is considered a daily beverage to improve gut health. A suggested serving size is 12oz, but if you’re new to it or have any digestive sensitivities, start out with 6 oz and see how it goes!

Does FEK still do local delivery to Southwest Florida?

Yes! Just choose local delivery at checkout. All products in the store are available for local delivery, including growlers (not available via shipping).

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