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Created based on our founder's passion to provide a unique, fermented, AND alcohol-free beverage that supports a number of ailments, like her own,

& that helps change the way we see social beverages. 


FEK is the perfect indulgence in a fancy glass.

Not too sweet, not too tart, not too carbonated,

and.... Not your same old! 

Your new everyday bevy.

Made up of organic or locally sourced ingredients, we use ingredients that help support & uplift the mind as well, not just the gut & immune system. 

We're here to uplift you, Mind & Body.

Check out our Subscription Boxes crafted with Intention

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Working with plant medicines, mood microbes, & sourcing from small farms is totally our thing.  

Image by Dan Meyers

(a big part of) Our Mission is to source from
small farms whenever seasonally po

Our Small Farm Partners

Shangri-La Springs


Built in 1921, Shangri-La Springs is a historic land & hotel located on more than eight acres in beautiful Bonita Springs, FL. Four of these acres are dedicated to their USDA certified organic garden. The garden provides freshly harvested produce for their farm-to-table restaurant & offers seasonal markets for the community.

Visit their website

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