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FEK Pickled Veggies

FEK Pickled Veggies


Heard of PREbiotics?! These are a form of dietary fiber that serve as a source of food for the friendly bacteria in your gut to thrive. Prebiotics are necessary to improve & maintain gut health. 


Made with a base of some of our savory kombuchas + Apple Cider Vinegar + Himalayan salt + specially selected spices. 


Made to eat as toppings, on salads, sandwiches, crackers.. whatever vessel we can find!


  • The "Those FEK'n Onions" are OUT OF THIS WORLD good...  hence the name. 
  • "Pretty Ginger Carrots"-- if you are a ginger freak like us-- You'll LOVE them! Plus they have so much flavor with a hint of tumeric and ginger spice.
  • "Spicy Gurkens" (pickles) start with sweet hints of mustard, dill, garlic, & ends with a medium heat of cayenne.
  • "Boostin'" Beets are a crowd favorite! We LOVE the classic flavor of our beets!


See full list of ingredients in the images.

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